Rancher Hosted Solutions Managing Kubernetes installed in your local or remote development environment is so much easier with Rancher. Now with full support for Windows containers, Istio service mesh, and enhanced security for cloud-native workloads, Rancher helps developers innovate faster and with greater confidence.
RKE Hosted Solutions RKE is a lightning-fast, CNCF-certified Kubernetes distribution that runs entirely within containers and solves the common frustration of installation complexity. With RKE, the operation of Kubernetes is easily automated and entirely independent of the operating system and platform you’re running. It builds a cluster from a single command in just a few minutes, and its declarative configuration makes Kubernetes upgrades atomic and safe.
K3S Hosted Solutions K3s is a lightweight, certified Kubernetes distribution built for running production workloads inside IoT appliances or at the network edge. K3s is packaged as a single < 40MB binary for both x86 and Arm processors, and it works great on something as small as a Raspberry Pi or as large as an AWS a1.4xlarge 32GiB server.
Longhorn Hosted Solutions Longhorn is 100% open source, distributed block storage built for Kubernetes. Although started by Rancher Labs, Longhorn is now a CNCF-governed project. When used with Rancher, Longhorn increases developer and ITOps efficiency by making persistent storage easy to deploy with a single click, and without the cost overhead of proprietary alternatives. It also reduces the resources required to manage data and operate environments, enabling teams to focus on shipping code faster, and delivering better applications.