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SharePoint Developers Academy

Portalogiks SharePoint Developer Academy is the fastest and most effective way to equip your network or web team with the skills to govern, administrate, develop, and support SharePoint products and technologies. Unlike other boot camps on the market, this course is not taught by Microsoft reps, business analysts, or circuit speakers and is not a living commercial about SharePoint's features and utilities. Taught by Portalogiks lead SharePoint architect, the Academy is designed to equip your organization's web team to understand and develop SharePoint start to finish and in an intensive boot camp as well as learn how to establish best practices for your organization's deployment. This three day on-site course provides 24 hours of training at your office location and serves groups of 5-10 users.

Course Length

3 Days (24 Hours of On-Site Instruction)

Course Cost

$4500 ($450/employee for a 10 person class)

Recommended Attendees

5-10 Students

Course Prerequisites

The SharePoint Developer Academy is designed for advanced users who have the responsibility to provide advanced SharePoint development, administration, and support for your clients/organization's SharePoint. All participants are expected to have a working knowledge of web design and/or network operations. Users who do not yet have the prerequisites met are encouraged to use the SharePoint 2010 Virtual Training Center.

Provided Course Materials

All course attendees receive 1 month access to a SharePoint Foundation 2010 site collection lab, Copy of over 400 slide materials, SharePoint t-shirts, system posters and are entered into a drawing for free tech books.

Client Requirements

Classroom or conference room, projector and screen, and each attendee needs to bring a laptop with Windows XP or higher.


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