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Why Choose Portalogiks?

Because installing cloud technologies alone does not create organizational outcomes. Technology only accounts for 25% of a successful collaboration model and a Saas or PaaS solution is only as strong as the mandate and focus of its design and adoption. Ultimately a successful collaboration initiative is more reliant upon promoting change to produce efficiency within an organization than technology. In this role Portalogiks assists organizations by:

  1. Aligning goals and resources with outcomes, not technology
  2. Implementing portals that directly support the business culture of your organization
  3. Clearly defining enforceable business rules and trust boundaries for the organization's portal
  4. Establishing ranges of inclusivity, exclusivity, and line-of-business applications within portal taxonomies
  5. Creating succession planning initiatives that define the premise and sustainability of the portal
  6. Engineering and documenting processes that manifest within the SharePoint portal
  7. Deploying the solution in a phased method that fosters adoption and user acceptance

The result, high-impact cloud solutions that are self-sustaining, employee-driven, and support the present and unknown future needs of your organization.

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