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SharePoint Value Stream

If your organization is still using Exchange, the Shared Drive or even an immature SharePoint deployment you are not taking full advantage of the value steam SharePoint technologies bring for documents. Portalogiks expertise in organizational collaboration ensures that as your organization adopts SharePoint, there are immediate and quantifiable values to achieving both ROI and successful document management.

SharePoint Document Value Stream


SharePoint Feature Highlights
Backup & Disaster Recovery
A common platform means every business asset is backed up nightly and not reliant on end users to manually copy files. 
file_folder.gif Centralized Content Stores
The shared drive is dead. Ensure the organization accesses, edits, and stores its content from a central system.
workflow.gif Document Workflow Management
Add document workflow scenarios to your document library, enable serial or parallel review processes, and associate event handlers to specific actions for approval and publishing.

Version Control

Maintain a historical record of all changes and previous versions of a file automatically.

Dual Stage Recycle Bins

Deleted content is never gone, user and system catches ensure deleted files are recoverable.

Content Types
Maintain governance and enforce business rules on the meta data the organization needs on specific file types.

feed.jpg Content Syndication
Syndicate any library and its content via an RSS feed instantly!

Role-Based Security

Create role-based security to authorized selected groups/users to manage content.

Full WebDAV Support
Take advantage of SharePoint's integration with Windows and manage/import content with explorer windows.

mail_settings.gif Email Enabled Document Libraries
Have content added to SharePoint libraries by sending it to a designate email, perfect for having third parties contribute to a portal without having to issue access!
file_cabinete2.gif Check-in Check-Out Controls
Allow users to check-out files to edit them and check them back in once they are ready to be made available again.
info_card.gif Information Management Policies
Define information management policies and correlate them to document content type.
www.gif Secure Web Access
Enable the organizations entire document solution via the internet. This not only facilitates remote access from working from home but goes towards a Disaster Recovery plan where staff can sustain business operations via SharePoint.
databases.gif Secure Storage
All SharePoint files are stored in SQL server
gears.gif Document Converters
Take a document of one file type, and generates a copy of that file in another file type.
alert2.gif Alert Options
Request and receive email alerts about changes in a document or library.
earth.gif Publishing Tools
Users can submit content for publishing, a library manager can approve or reject the submission with comments
forums.gif Discussion Forums
Facilitate group discussions on documents with discussion forums and document workspaces.

Collaborative Data Push
Enables content owners to disseminate information across the organization

Collaborative Data Pull
Enables stakeholders such as CIOs to collect information across the organization

Collaborative Data Interchange
Enables data and people to collaborate independenly from organizational structure

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